10:00 am - Morning Worship, Simple Service

11:15 am - Gospel Project (all ages Bible study)


6:00-8:00 pm - Youth Group, Grades 7-12 

Resuming in September

7:00 - Prayer Meeting  via Zoom


7:00 - Joint Team Meetings (2nd Tuesday each month)


6:30 - 7:30 - Awana Clubs (September-April)

Contact  the church office if you need additional information on any of the events below!  call (815) 933-6619 or email

Please note:  In regards to COVID, for each of the educational ministries, we are encouraging social distancing where possible.  We are not requiring masks but encourage all participants to continue any practices with which they are comfortable. If anyone (parent, leader, child) has any symptoms of any contagious illness, they should not take part. 

Worship Services

The church is open weekly for a worship service at 10:00  Simple procedures for safety will be in place.  Online services will still be available for those who need or prefer to continue to shelter in place.

The sermon will be available on our YouTube Channel 

The sermon link will be emailed to the faith family

Upcoming Dates:

Events are subject to current health issues so always best to check ahead!  Meetings and services can be canceled on short notice.  Members should be watching their email.

  • May 21-22 – Youth Group Garage Sale

  • June 21-23 – Vacation Bible School – 6:00-7:45 pm

  • September 11 – Church Picnic, Lil’s Park, 4:00-8:00